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Expect Sight and ruwach being constantly maintained by Wiz and Priest. Page 1 of 2 - Magic Sinx Guild - posted in Assassin Cross: Here is a guide that would help you make your own magic type sinx, still I would say it isnt that good built as elemental swords r nerfed 0.5% (Cold bolt) rest of bolts at 10% chance,so here we go. This is not to show you how to level one, by how to prepare one for end game PVM use. Character Guides (74) Build (Stats/Skills) (64) Leveling (34) Lower = sinx bless/cursed, scarf ( fsoldier ) armor . Build Help. save hide report. This guide will focus on what build you will be using as well as tips on how to enter a castle and break the emperium successfully.First of all, I want to introduce /battlemode. Keep it in multiples of 10 to receive the bonus ATK. But using inca on a critical sinx build wouldn't make sense as critical already ignores defense. Posted on June 10, 2020 June 9, 2020 by TataQueen. my build on 99/70. As I have seen this build, it would mostly be useful in PVP. Type Soul Breaker, Meteor Assault and Cross ... hahaha yeah i saw this topic again and i saw this comment hehe.. excuse my newbie comment i didnt know a lot about ro yet and this was the first guide i saw for sinx anyways i couldnt do it ... Yep but my build is hybrid. Geneticists (Alt: Genetic) are the third class versions of Alchemists and Biochemists.When reaching Base Level 99, they're eligible to become a Geneticist. Your cards and equips should focus on increasing Int and ATK. 13 comments. 70-90 Str is ideal unless you are building your SinX for something special like Beelzebub. This build is not too cheap. Build Str Str doesnt directly affect the damage but adds to the ATK. Archangeling. Poison Cast runes is a must for this. They have got to have less HP like dex types. Salicus. Caspen SinX - GX Splash/Berserk Build. real easy to play with and all your skills are effective and you can be a beast if you know how to use DD and katars with the same build and do high dmg. Lets see how it turns out lul. For stat build:(fun-teaser pd non offensive type) Agi:*195 aspd* Dex:*exactly 150*(not necessary for addin this, coz u just need to pd any melee hit incoming-ranged hit job class still hits u coz of super high hit rate :3-. if you want evidence, just stalk merlin. Focus more on adding ATK on your build. Really a PVP-monster when it comes to GT (gotta love em even more with crits) with SB finishers. Main = fking armor/vote armor/knight armor (gr+tao) If you are rich ( optional ) 2 tao, 2 ol, gr+puppetring, tao+puppetring. New … Chatbox. Posted on August 9th, 2012 by madx ... RO Guides & Writings. This thread is archived. Members+ 883 posts ^ Your sinx can beat everybody, including Perry's. It cost around 3b in market at the time of writing. 87 sinx here. Sinx Guide. LVL 15 Flee LVL 10 Hiding. Post in the correct forums. his stalker broke in less than 3 seconds. Bueno aquí les dejo una guia del Assasin Cross a base de EDP y SonicBlow, para un High Rate en base a un server básico de Ro, sin nada imaginario "aunque quizás los stats si xD"l [Drop de 5%(cards e items),[5k,5k,1k][Delay Básico]. Amateur.. tignan mo items mo.. hahahahahahha poor and weakling.. if i were you.. go back to abc’s of RO so you would learn more the fundamentals and advance aspect of RO.. Skill Build. SBK type - soul breaker builds are rare to find in this server. Max STR to 99 and put some stats on DEX. SB needs DEX. Page 1 of 6 - Hybrid Ranger Guide WIP - posted in Archer Class: Introduction This is a guide for Hybrid Ranger. Luk:290+10(exact 300 is the best choice) @M.s Chen. I main Crit SinX too, but my equips are generic and focus on atk instead of crit so I can freely change between builds. I'm a SinX 78/14, I don't play PvP, arena, WoE and the likes, only against mob (regular, Mini and MVP) and would like to know what's the best path to follow: 67% Upvoted. Yeah, i was just talking about having both critical + thanatos/ ice pick/ inca. They have got to have decent HP but considering they would add stats to alot of attributes. The rest is up to your preference. Weapon mainhand= sinx crit/lsinxcrit ( 2tg,2paper ) Offhand = fdagger ( 2tg,2skel ) another one for strip (optional) fdagger ( metaling,dwar,ws, maero ) Shield 2x Status Build(End Game) Assassin Dual Dagger Build at Level 99 Str 80 Agi 90 Vit 48 Int 1 Dex 33 Luk 20 Comment This build give you high DPS and good aspd. All you need actually to be called a “Crit-Build Assassin” is to have at least 30 luk , depending on your equipment: Crit Rate and Crit Damage Cards like Cruiser Cards Equipped on a Jur , 2 Kobold Cards. Thief. The key item for this build is LK Card. Thank you so much! Posted on August 24th, 2013 by Zelo ... PVP Sinx Killer! Recommended only for PvM and WoE Emperium breaking, but I have seen few people using this build in PvP against heavy defense character like vitality Lord Knights or … Easy to play only if you know how to play as both a Katar type and DD type. If they choose to use thana or ice pick then they should use double attack (1 dagger 1 orcish axe) and not critical. Tema: Build de SinX peta empe (RoMex) Sáb Sep 03, 2011 1:59 am El record de un rompe empe fue de Ink Eyes de Freya Ro, rompia en 0.8 segundos, costumizada a este servidor, caeria en mucho menoa tiempo, asi qu aqui va Crit-Build Assassins are one of the most popular builds in-game but then a lot of them changed job or left the game the moment they knew the Emperium only takes 1 damage. Thief Skill RO Mobile: SinX Grimtooth Harpy Farming Build. Racism, harassment, bigotry or any form of derogation is not allowed. Back to top #9 Salicus Posted 17 June 2013 - 08:09 AM. Chatroom Rules Respect everyone, specially the staff. For now, I only have 20 DEX. Agi Unless you are going for an Agi-SBK build, it should remain at 1. So I thought I'd post my woe builds since i'm not running the guild anymore. share. The magic sinx was a troll build. <3. Guillotine Cross Grimtooth Farming Build to 1 hit on Harpy Below are the compulsory Skill build needed. WoE SinX Build? Main Weapon = L.crit = card = 2 tg 1x the paper 1x abysmal knight Second weapon = l.blade [pvp] = 2 tg 2x the skel worker Second weapon = l.fenrir[breaker] = 1 tg 1 abysmal knight 1 desert wolf 1 orc skeleton Helm = +10 , 2 seyren windsor Middle Aura … Pure Critical Assassin Cross (SinX) Build for... Home; Thief Branch. Vit 48+2 can protect you from stun. Your aspd will reach 185+. SB & GT hybrid build is pretty solid for end-game PVP SinX provided you have the equipment/setup and medals (loads of them) to make it truly effective. i assumed sinx can do the same cause they have edp. DO NOT spam, advertise other servers, and embed phishing or trolling links. well sinx got nerfed back in 2009, then we got stuff like hypatia cards,hylozoist hat, cedi armors etc etc, which in the end made it possible to achieve even higher dmg than what was possible previously. I give this build a thumbs up even though my sinx can beat yours. Crit build focus on Str, Agi and Luk, and its skills are basically the ones related to katars, crit, buffs and passive ones (so no active attack nor dagger skills). July 4, 2012 0 Likes 8 Comments. Page 1 of 2 - Dual Dagger/sb Emp Break Sinx - posted in Guides: My emp break videoIntroductionThis guide will give you the low down on how you can get a pretty decent break time. I'm using Full Black Dagger for regular farming/ PVE and DT for ET/MVP. assassin build ragnarok classic. Wow mate it's 1-0 , I'm winning lol Ryan is dead. Of course there are better things to run. Guillotine Cross Crit/CRS/CI Hybrid by Sehun. Overview. Greetings all, I'm preparing for WoE ahead of time with my SinX. I personally find this build is pretty good at farming places like Endless Tower, Malaya Dungeons, Biolab and Nidhoggurs Shadow, but it can do so much more. super weak ng mga build mo and mga sinabi mo.. anong pinagsasabi mo deads ung agi type na sin-X.. Ang sabihin mo di ka lng marunong.. lack of knocwledge and experience.. I dare you. Crit sinx is what I suggest for sinx beginners. Sinx Breaker Build Chatbox. For WOE I suggest going Grimtooth or Soul breaker instead of Sonic Blow. December 29, 2020 Uncategorized 0 comments Uncategorized 0 comments Warning: these builds are just a basic overview of what you should run in woe. Vit Alchemists who become a Geneticist can no longer transcend and thus cannot gain any transcendent skills (including Acid Bomb) and it is always recommended to transcend and turn into a Biochemist before turning third … Hybrid sinx. Would appreciate any advise on builds, gear, skills, runes, etc. The cheapest build that I will give here is pretty risky because of the low damage output but it will work. Assassin.

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