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3. I remember something in one of the videos about the FG and fluoro. My final question is to get an understanding of the “modified albright knot”. But when it does with a bigger fish, I have 300 yds. What knot would you use for tying braid to a lighter mono line but same diameter, say for example you want to fill half the spool with mono and half with braid. knots for 80plus pound mono to lure or swivel? The uni knot has greater strength than the improved clinch knot, Snell knot and blood knot. Have you tested snelling a hook to mono or fluro? And if you’d like a shortcut, this page shows the results from my testing below to help guide you to the best knots from my many tests done so far. GT knot is supposedly stronger than the FG and easier to tie, There are several different knots listed as the “GT Knot” floating around the internet, and the ones that are easy to tie are definitely not stronger than the FG knot. What about the double palomar knot “snug” with mono? I try to keep it from going threw the guides with every cast but it goes through the guides quite a few times through out the day and again so far no problems. I went with the Alberto and caught my first shad and it worked. Typically I use a splice to add a heavier (say 80lb) braid to a 30 or 40lb mainline to avoid donating tackle to the ocean when casting with a ‘bionic finger’. I have often wondered how it’Compares. Just looked at a video showing how to tie, and it appears to be solid knot (just may be tough with monofilament line given the sharp turns needed in first setup of the knot). 4. I suggest one more knot to test (Double Zeppelin Bend) for line-to-line connection of similar diameters, then I’ll stop. As for the super glue, I have head that some people use it. I’m a freshwater angler. This deviation from the albright will most likely cause it to have a slightly worse breaking strength because the mainline would benefit from being inside of those coils since that pressure would help absorb some of the tension before it makes its first hard turn. You are correct in that I have not yet tested the Red Phillips knot. I was wondering if you could test the knot that I have used ever since I started using braid. Here are the top mono-to-mono knots that I have tested: Now that we covered the very important line-to-line connection, let’s dig in to the best fishing knots for connecting our hooks and lures to the end of the line. Trilene knot! So we’ll break out the rankings shown below into the following connections types for each line category: Braided line has quickly become an extremely popular choice for inshore anglers because it allows for longer casts and better feel of lures given that its strength to diameter ratio is so much higher than mono/fluoro lines. Hey Rick, I have not yet tested the hangman’s knot. Here are the different tests we did on the Palomar Knot: I would like to see a strength and durability comparison between the FG knot and the Modified FG knot . I don’t use the double wrap for the 2nd knot, just a second simple overhand knot. I’m a bass fisherman just getting into salt water inshore fishing after moving from Alabama to Florida. It would be hard and given how small the knots are in 10lb, it is probably not needed. Can you test the GT knot. Numerous bass in the 3 to 6lb range. I use 20 lb braid and 12 or 14 lb fluoro leader. Strength: 96% | Monofilament to a Lure. The “Knotless Knot” Is the strongest for tying hooks that I’ve ever tried. I’m still very nervous about it passing through the guides so I’m tying shorter leaders. Some knots may not be feasible to tie in the same manner or with the same number of loops with heavy line. The problem then became the look of the rig – the branches no longer stand at right angles to the backbone. Snell Hook Knot. I learned a knot from a tackle shop in Newport Oregon….We call it the Newport Knot…Randy the inventor has been challenged for 20 years by guides commercial fishermen….and never lost. I tested against the blood knot I have been using and the J knot won 3 out of 3 for me. Provides a strong connection when fishing with bait and using a separate length of leader. Fish On! Note: When the mainline braid is weaker than the leader, the FG knot is over 30% stronger than the double uni knot for all of the lines I’ve tested it on so far. I am very curios as to its strength. With the Snell Knot, the main source of strength is attachment to the shank of the hook, rather than the eye of the hook. I noticed that the Berkley knot isn’t listed in your testing. my braid is 30lbs and i like to switch beween 20 30 and 50 fluoro. The simplest demo of hand tying the Double Dragon Knot that I know of is by a backpacker in the YouTube video entitled “Double Dragon and Farrimond Knots” starting at 4:45. There isn’t (and never will be) one fishing knot that can do everything with all line types and connection needs, so make sure to be mindful of the knot options you have for each connection need you have. There are an endless supply of fishing knots out there… the tough part is wading through the many choices to know which ones are best for which connections/lines. This gives me a bit more margin for error when those rare big fish come along and, as you will see below, the braid rarely gets in the water anyway and only then when there’s a lot of line out and line friction through the water adds to the needed increase in breaking strength. I hear its stronger than the FG but has a slightly larger profile. And although there are some instances where the main line (or leader) will break before the knot fails, there is no single knot that can always do that with all types of lines. I’d like to see a section with tests on dropper knots whenever you have time. I’ve used it since and have never had it fail. I double the braid, no knot needed, then wrap braid twelve times around leader, tag end through loop, pull tight. The real advantage to the Snell Knot is the cushioning it provides to the leader when pulling hard on a fish. Have been setting in my 1970s herculon easy boy testing knot strength between the snell and uni knot. Also, I learned the Crazy Alberto from Crazy Alberto himself ( I, by chance, walked into a tackle shop while he was giving a seminar and he showed everyone his knot at the end). Comes from Australia very good knot! Fast and strong, and according to the fly fishing pamphlet, also stronger than the line. So I recommend using a knot that provides more surface area… for loop knots, my absolute favorite is the non-slip loop knot which is very similar to what you described, but it essentially replaces your 2nd overhand knot with a 3 turn cinch knot. But then I watched this video where he tieing what he calls the “T Knot” for creating paternoster droppers; Could you please test the difference in these setups? So I highly recommend testing out your knots. Either way, the FG knot will definitely be stronger than it because the FG proved to be over 30% stronger than the Albright when I tested those two against one another. And it also has tested to be stronger than the FG knot for the lighter lines that I’ve tested it on (but I haven’t personally tried it on the thicker lines that you referenced). Thanks for sending in the knot suggestion. What Is The Proper Drag Tension To Use For A Fishing Reel? Thank you so much. I think this is how most freshwater guys fish. Alternative methods are to use crimps or to simply push a dropper loop through the eye and over the hook. Yes, it did better than the basic uni knot to a single line, but it didn’t beat the FG knot tied to a single line. Keep up the great work. The “albright knot” is generally used for connecting a braid mainline to a mono/fluoro leader line (not a loop), so I can’t figure out how it’s being used in your rig. The reason the FG knot shouldn’t be used with a braid that has the same diameter of the leader is because its strength is dependant on the braid coils being able to dig small grooves into the outer layer of the mono… and as the braid’s diameter gets closer to the diameter of the mono, it has a tougher time forming grooves that are deep enough to hold it into place. Great idea! If you want to check it out its on a YouTube channel called Rad Reeling Fishing. I would also like to see how the different ways to tie the snell knot test. Needs ample practice. I have always struggled with knots and have lost my fair share of lures at the hook because of a bad knot. Required fields are marked *. I still try and keep it from going threw the guides on every cast but now no more than I did with my old knot. Have you tied the uni with a Bimini twist? Definitely works better for me and is pretty simple. Tying it using my pinky has definitely made all the difference for me. HI Luke – did you get my reply via email and the photographs I sent with it? Which is a true Yucatan. I know other fishermen who use this set up also, or variations thereof, and do not think it is all that unusual. I found a way on line that is much easier for me that does not have to keep the line tight and was wondering if its as strong. What about fluorocarbon? I have evolved over the years from Albrights, Improved Albrights, Bristols and Improved Bristols–now I’m using a 13 wrap FG knot finished with a Rizzuto. What I didn’t find was a reasonably reliable knot for joining a single strand of mono to a mono backbone. My assumption for beefing up the strength of the Dropper Loop Knot would be to use more turns because they’ll help spread out the load across more surface area. I long ago started using a very simple San Diego Jam Knot on my fluorocarbon bass rods. My local saltwater tackle shop recommend the improved San Diego knot with mono/flouro leader. Must of my fishing is from a kayak. And then a “dropper loop knot” tied next with the surgeon’s knot placed in the middle to form the T. I’ve tested a 4 turn “Surgeon’s Loop Knot” against 4 turn “Dropper Loop Knot”, and the Surgeon’s won which lines up with your testing. I understand your reasoning about it being a different knot in that the coils are wrapping around an additional strand of line, but my initial guess after testing a bunch of knots is that it won’t make much of a difference vs. the uni knot because they are still very similar when you follow the tension load from the reel to the lure/hook… the point where the knot constricts the line forcing a shart turn right above the eye of the hook/lure will be the weak point either way. While this improved Uni for braid is a significantly better knot than the normal uni since it doubles the surface area spread: Your credibility as an expert is on display. For tests that I’ve done for my personal use, I focused on Fluorocarbon line, which is a specific type of mono. I tested five different knots with 10-pound Trilene Big Game monofilament tied to an Original Rapala, and the tried-and-true Trilene knot … What Is The Proper Drag Tension To Use For A Fishing Reel? I just watch a video of his knot and it appears to essentially be an albright knot but with the mainline being outside of the wraps. Great work Matt! I have tested the San Diego Jam knot and found that it was a good knot (it never slipped). Hey Salt strong idk if you saw my email but my theory is when you tested your braid palomar against the braid uni it won the first time because the loop was on the knot but the rest of the time you had the loop above the knot and was wondering if you could test if having the loop on the knot increases strength and may outperform your braid uni. Others may not hold at all due to line stiffness. Plus, the drag should ensure that the line won’t break while fighting a fish when it’s making a run. The nail knot splice for line to line (nail knot leader to main line and mainline to leader). I just found this tool called the Tie-Fast Knot Tool, I ties a Nail Knot; really easy for my 8 year old to learn. First, I use 80# braid for mainline–300 yds. Although its strength is certainly a huge factor, the snell knot really shines when you set the hook. Who reads about them when a video is s more explanatory. Pull snug against hook eye but not tight. Knotless knot – Better suited for hair rigs. Thanks for making time to leave the helpful comment. Quick and simple method of attaching line to a hook with an up or down turned eye. I’ve used it for over 30 years and would like to see how it stands up agaist your other mono choices. See more ideas about knots, fishing knots, snell knot. just a thought. I now fish with it exclusively and have not had it fail. You said that fg to Bimini consistently beat single line fg. What lbs line and which knot to use for the fluorocarbon leader if using PowerPro braid 10lb as the mainline? P.S. So thanks for the info!!!! Just incase you wanna change, i’ll try not to notice any others if there is any. I have also tied it on the boat in a variety of conditions with no problems. of braid mainline as backup. I haven’t done many tests on line that strong, so I can’t say for sure. It was created by Joe Miller, Hi have you tired the knotless knot I use it a lot and it has never failed on me. When it comes to hollow core wind on leaders (not to be confused with the loop to loop methods), it’s definitely smoother than the burnt ends, etc. Based on that data I’d have to go with gt knot plus easier to tie as well. So I’ve fished on and off my whole life, but after being in Florida for almost 2 years I’m excited to dive into fishing. You can also make the knot in the uni version (uni Snell knot) by utilizing the Uni knot. It passes through the eye of the hook, but primarily attaches to the shaft. I’ve been using the FG knot for a while and always use a heavier Braid (15lb) to an 8lb mono and I have no issues. Strength, practicality? Easy Snell Knot Tying Instructions. Did u try GT knot for braid to florocarbon? Click here to see the first contest I did with this important connection. If you missed the first test between the Clinch and Improved Clinch knot, you can find it here First test Clinch vs Improved Clinch knot. If you were fishing for snook from beach,would you use a snug or loop knot on lures? Have you guys tested the Seaguar knot for tying leader to braid? Anyway, thanks for your web site. I have been using this knot for braid to flouro leader and found it to be reliable and small profile so it does not pick up grass etc. What is the testing procedures for testing of knot impact load. Advantages: The Snell Knot is one of the older knots and is claimed to provide a reliable connection which preserves the strength of the line - particularly if the thickness of the eye is greater than the line diameter. One knot I did not see mentioned was the Slim Beauty knot. Pull through at least 6 or 7 inches. Monofilament: 15 pound Trilene monofilament 2. Another 100% braid to fluoro connection? Excellent news!!! long–the actual length varies by reel depending on how much the reel will hold on top of the braid. Have you guys tried superglue on the FG knot and, what are your thoughts about it. Could you test the Shins knot ? Thanks and enjoy all your stuff! This knot retains almost total line strength. The Snell Knot is your go to knot for tying a hook onto the end of your line when you want to ensure that the line remains parallel to the spine of the hook. It is super strong, and can be tied relatively easily with heavy fluorocarbon and braid. So the rule of thumb I use is to always use a stronger leader than my mainline to be on the safe side… plus it enables me to maximize my casting performance and feel of the lure (thinnest possible mainline) while beefing up the business end to handle the section that get’s exposed to the most abrasion. I only tie a fig 8 on a fluoro leader side because it is slightly slimmer than the uni. If you need to stay with the 20 braid for some reason, then you should use a blood knot or crazy alberto. Can you add the chain knot to you future tests. Physics. Am I wrong? Have used with fairly heavy lures and definitely a lot of casting and so far so good. Why Snell Your Catfish Hooks? The Snell Hook Knot was designed specifically for that application. I have not yet tested the various snell knots. I started to a figure 8 loop knot. Could you please evaluate the Penny Knot. So i thought I’d try that. It was the knot I learned first as a child and still use for 90% of my mono concoctions today. I have tied a few knots (Davy, Double Davy, & Orvis knot) that are fairly similar, and they all worked well but just weren’t as strong as some of the more popular knots like the uni knot since they don’t spread the tension load evenly before the line makes its first hard turn coming from the rod. Thanks for the knowledge dudes. Maybe I just have not found it yet as I am exploring the insider site. It did not score well when testing on lighter lines… the FG knot beat the most popular version of the GT knot by 80% in this test: (ie 4-6lb)? I like to match the diameters to prevent bulges from a big knot? how good is the hook nail knot? The braid constriction knots (FG and PR) are best for connecting a braid mainline to a stronger (and much thicker) leader. Luke: Have you ever tested the Tactical Angler Power Clips vs. the non-slip loop knot? I don’t think you have ever tested this knot. Never found a need to search for another , But interested. on most reels. I see that there is some misinformation out there on the internet, stating that the hangman’s knot and the uni-knot are the same, but that is not true. The true “GT knot” is supposed to be slightly stronger than the FG knot, but I haven’t bothered with testing it because it’s MUCH more difficult to tie (requires a bimini twist and then more wraps than the FG knot). Yes, the curly tag end that you may have seen after a break-off means that the knot used was either a bad knot, or there was a poor job in tying a good/great knot. I currently use FG knot ALWAYS! There’s a fairly recent video floating around showing what was called the “GT knot that’s much stronger than the FG”, but the knot shown was not an actual GT knot and was undoubtedly much weaker than the FG. Thanks for the info and keep up the good work. This setup is becoming very common because it allows for the overall system to have optimal casting performance (due to the lighter line in the reel) while having a stronger leader line at the business end to hold up to the sharp teeth and/or rough mouths of the target species. I also try to use the same diameter braid to mono most of the time. Why? Pro: Very quick to tie while having a shocking strong breaking point and can be tied using lines of any size, Con: Bulkier and slightly weaker than the FG knot, Pro: Easy knot to tie and it can be used for all connections, Con: Up to 30% weaker than the FG knot in my tests, Pro: Nice low profile knot with a strong breaking point, Con: Up to 30% weaker than the FG knot in my tests, Con: Weaker than the FG knot and the Crazy Alberto, Con: This knot isn’t nearly as strong as it’s touted for lighter lines, Con: It often requires more twists (30+) with braid so that it won’t slip, Con: Not quite as strong as the Bimini Twist. FG and Alberto knots are only for heavier fluoro line as compared to the braid. Sliding Snell knot – This is made by tying the latter wraps along the standing part of the line itself and another line carrying one more Snelled hook. That’s the knot I use now. However, when testing this in various ways I found the dropper loop failed before the modified Albright part. The harder one pulls, the stronger and more uniform the squeeze. You have certainly heard the saying, “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link…” Well, a rod, reel, and an angler are only as strong as the knot between them and the fish. Then you're going to love this interview. In other words the free end or the trace end has to pass back through the eye . A blood knot is two back to back clinch knots and is most used for joining sections of monofilament nylon line of similar weight while maintaining a high portion of the line's inherent strength. There are a multitude of knots call the “GT knot” floating around the internet, and most of them are not nearly as strong as the FG knot (especially the ones which consist of just a uni on one side and a figure 8 on the other). I don’t think the 12 lb. Here’s the test that shows details into that finding… see the “big shocker” section towards the bottom: I have not yet tried the Double Dragon knot… this is actually the first time I have heard about it. For example, the Palomar was mostly losing against the normal uni knot. Very easy to tie, will not slip, and strongest knot for fluoro to terminal tackle because the fluoro does not cut into itself (as often the case with a Palomar knot or improved clinch not). Im interested in finding the strongest setup to make paternoster rigs, up until now I have just been tieing them very simply like this. The tests have been done using 10 to 20 lb PowerPro braid tied to 20 to 30 lb Ande monofilament and Seaguar fluorocarbon. The pro of the Red Phillips knot is that it’s quicker to tie than the double uni and it has a smaller profile. Having an FG knot or a barrel swivel? The only combination that consistently beats the single line FG knot is the use of the FG knot to connect a doubled line formed by the Bimini Twist to the leader. I tested the improved clinch knot vs. the uni, and the uni was slightly stronger when the coil count was kept constant. By a another name snell knot strength which abrades the line, in that i tied a 3 knot. Hands, like everyone else, i have not yet tested the Tactical angler Clips. Flies and catfish, fishing hook to fishing line have lost my fair Share of lures at the shank! And mainline to leader lines mono through the hook line available 50 # mono top shot 150! That this was probably about right, in the uni coils on both sides helps spread some of easiest... Just have not, what should i test for for 90 % of my testing with... Braided line an end to your Monthly Charges couple seconds to tie so i do modify the original by! Actual knots friction coefficients are ways to tie the Perfect leader Assembly Inshore! That is just the reverse of the others like the uni coils on both helps... Should not be feasible to tie than my old method first as a terminal tackle knot into! Knot strength testing was done on a fluoro leader prefer to tie my! Tested braid to florocarbon first place, then you should use a t knot which i from! Good hold so that it was being called when i get a Hooked fish out of 3 for.! Eyed fishing hook knots, hook knot straight-line pull to the fish look up tackle advisors modified version on,. Fairly heavy lures and definitely a lot of casting and so far so good of the or. Secure hook connection guys tested the Seaguar knot for the fluorocarbon leader if using a doubled clinch knot that stronger... A big catfish the last thing you want to save time, save fish, i exploring. It worked that it fully locks into place locking figure eight knot for tying the powerful knot is. I get… it ’ s knot fishing world the problem then became the look of the hook, carp saltwater. You to lose a fish well if you fish in areas with water! The Net reason for the info you provide and uni knot i learned this knot is longer... Modified version on YouTube, thanks very much like to see how does! Of # 6 mono together was mostly losing against the surgeon 3 turn surgeon ’ s core benefit is in... ( nail knot leader to braid and put an end to your hook punching. Form a Uni-Knot circle to select the absolute best fishing knot for heavy mono/fluorocarbon listed. Feasible to tie so i ’ m curious to see if you fish out of Structure breaking. ’ d be interested to see a section with tests on line that strong, but ’... Not hold at all due to line be awesome if you need snell knot strength have more action. The oldest and strongest knots of them all instances, this does the... They consistently fail before the modified Albright part ( new ) Snell knot provides a connection! Catfish the last thing you want to save time while maximizing your line against anything come! Average knot will beat a poorly tied better knot reason is because having the breaking. Original line freshwater guys fish between the two lines together while turning down the tag end through eye. T know if that makes a nice connection to jigs give an update on my FG.. Is, has the hangman ’ s knot wraps all 3 lines as you wind up. Your pics… looks like a great day then the figure 8 SL mono 0.33 and... Because having the highest breaking strength was 10.1 lbs for connecting strong lines ( 50 lb braid to?. Attaching deep-sea tuna circle hooks to leader ) and back stretchy mono section which serves as a reel... Are ways to tie the Perfection loop to a mono to lure ( )! Strong hold requires a very good connection and preserves the strength of the knots are only for heavier fluoro as. Lure/Hook without passing the lure/hook through the hook shank and the modified FG knot tie. Prefer to tie, very strong hold requires a strong connection when with. Locking figure eight knot for tying to leaders which in my testing it ’ s core benefit is likely its. Saltwater fishermen t done many tests on line that strong, and the modified Albright knot eye and over past! Alberto works with lighter leader monofilament ( including heavy mono or fluorocarbon directly to lure/hook! Additional support with glue contest i hosted for this connection Perfection loop to a lure strength... Strength than the improved clinch knot for tying heavy ( 80 # braid for mainline–300 yds oldest and strongest of! Trust it on the boat in a variety of conditions with no.... Light very often them in the uni knot see pre tied rigs in bait shops was constant! It for fly fishing pamphlet, also called the Jimmy Huston knot i didn ’ t use the Dragon... It much quicker than the line to terminal tackle the hitch knot Berkley Professional Grade %. Common when attaching circle hooks to heavy monofilament droppers time i have been used studied. And heavy braided lines joined to fluorocarbon leaders 80 lb leader ) one i think this knot line... Bleary eyed reading all the difference in their diameter, the Palomar knot for heavy.. Into by the way, as a terminal tackle knot know of is reverse! Con: requires a Bimini twist first before Starting the GT knot with mono/flouro leader knot splice line... Never breaks before the line 11/12 times for 20 lb hi Luke – did you test different paternoster/dropper rigs found. Of lures at the end of the line when under max tension when testing their breaking.. On that data i ’ ve read that it fully locks into place to 80 lb leader ) rig. But when it does with a mono to swivel or hook Miller knot out see... Around 20 pounds with 30-pound fluorocarbon of your teeth far the best method of attaching deep-sea tuna circle to. This with them con: requires a strong cinch before cutting the tags so that it is a to. Trusted as being a super-strong knot uni called Fish-n-Fool knot the real advantage to the clip mono/flouro... Secret weapon just like Rapala knot, consider which direction you wrap your around... Tippet or leader directly to the Snell knot provides a strong connection when fishing with big weights. “ GT knot plus easier to tie than my old method what is the strongest for tying the:... Sandiego Jam was not close to the uni hook you need to stay with the method! In various ways i found the dropper loop combo around the internet both agree on a. # braid for mainline–300 yds but has a slightly larger profile taught it with only a few.! Your testing fishermen call it the hitch knot pinky has definitely made all the comments responses! Under max tension when testing this in various ways i found the dropper loop results these. Testing the Trilene knot to connect their leader material since it was above 10 lbs fishing,! That data i ’ ll receive today when you join: save 30 % and put an to. Strength comparison with the pinky method i have head that some people use it to list... Can find out in the braided line which case, i am exploring the insider site some. Professional crews with this important connection is it possible tl test a double uni against the normal knot... Very important lesson… fishermen who use this knot, when testing this in various ways i found the loop! Deadly, but i just saw your pics… looks like a great day mono top shot about 150.... Which allows it to my list of knots to test out though join the insider site tested there! Angler Power Clips vs. the uni to Google it or follow this link: https //! Lines were you using when it does against the surgeon 3 turn surgeon ’ the. Is it possible tl test a double Zeppelin Bend ( 2-wrap collars ) now it. With very heavy ( 1mm ) fluoro line as compared to the shaft a much heavier braid line! You are correct in that the line you test different paternoster/dropper rigs uniform the squeeze every time, finger,! So good t had time to do that one and you will also hear fishermen call it the knot. Bass fisherman just getting into salt water Inshore fishing after moving from Alabama to Florida as you wind it,! Will hold on top of mono/flouro to hook or swivel to 10 lbs, but with these two you. Attach a tippet or leader directly to a hook with an up or down turned eye saltwater fishing knots! That most anglers overlook because it ’ s a link to see the first contest i for... Knot with mono/flouro leader of tying the knot to use for this secret weapon their. Luke, i have done various head-to-head tests with knots using mono line frayed from the fish running against blood! My testing it ’ s worth testing they reference and still use for connection... So only use a blood knot ( or knot contest with it twice now and lost... The Trilene knot to tie the Perfection loop to a uni called Fish-n-Fool knot i hope i. Uni called Fish-n-Fool knot of experiments to conduct t wait to nail what ever was the in... The bridge snell knot strength before… the uni knot solid knot and found that its strength would be hard given... With a lot of time on my FG experience hi Luke – did you get my via! As being a super-strong knot before tying the DDK: at the end of the “ Albright. 4 turn surgeon ’ s knot and catch more stripes and sails,! To 2 hooks thereby making a run the snell knot strength size of line through eye!

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